Devils in the White City

A Hunter: The Vigil game in set in Chicago.

Autumn, 2012. Mitt Romney leads Obama by two points in the polls. The Olympic games in London passed, largely without incident, however various arrests were made in the weeks beforehand—authorities say terror plots were uncovered. Bashar Al-Assad is in exile, though his regime holds on (he is possibly in Georgia or Azerbaijan), NATO troops are on the ground conducting peacekeeping missions in cities taken over by rebels. Iran has been threatening to send its own troops/commandos in to combat NATO, but the honesty of the threat is not taken seriously. Rumors abound of an attempt on Kim Jong-un’s life in May that was unsuccessful. North Korea remains on shaky ground and dependent upon China. A hot civil war in the Sudan began in March. U.S. military power continues to wane and draw down in the mid-east, all the while waxing around the Philippines and Australia. The European debt crisis continues at it’s glacial pace…

… and enigmatic, unlikely forces have quietly concentrated on the City of Big Shoulders in search of something of enormous power.

Mid-September passed, the tail end of the month arrived. October was around the corner. The cell had a near week-long, hellish experience with a dastardly French occultist and the wicked fruits of his labor. An investigation of a seemingly ordinary house in Batavia, IL only raised more questions. They met with the genderless vampire Zilya and spoke to it of Joreaux. The cell was beat up, mentally fatigued, and trying very hard to build internal trust. Michael, their leader, later was hideously injured in the tunnels under the Loop. Possibly abducted by vampires, his fate remains uncertain.

In early October, the cell spent some time recuperating before attending a strange, burlesque themed secret party hosted by the gorgeous, if recondite Adrienne Kazan. By the end of the disastrous party the cell had encountered ‘The Man in the Pallid Mask’ and slayed the demonic vampire, Murmur; an actual copy of the purportedly fictitious “King in Yellow” is now in the cell’s possession. James, Danielle Marnay, and Adrienne also died as a result of these events.

Pressing on with the information obtained from the Mandel house in Batavia and from Zilya, the cell may have foiled Joreaux’s final experiment and killed him. Zilya’s retainer Hitomi, a hideous werewolf, and Garrison Mandel all lost their lives; the very building where the shootout took place was swallowed up by a powerful ‘nihil’ that reached across the veil and into the Skinlands. The almost certainly compromised ‘hunter’, Zachary, managed to steal one of the cell’s most important artifacts—ancient tablets recovered from the labyrinth hidden in Adrienne’s house—related to this sprawling case while the cell battled Joreaux. Rhydian’s personal assistant, an innocent bystander, was also taken by Zachary—likely as collateral.

The cell loses time, resources, blood, and the continued aid of Kelly in a frenzy of activity spent securing the tablets with a strange group found at the Uptown Theater.

Devils in the White City

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