Devils in the White City

Session 34
Session 33
"I doubt those cookies are magic."

Soon after leaving the theater, Kelly departs from the cell over irreconcilable differences. They find Regan having somehow let herself in to Levi’s apartment; she left them their clothes and some cookies. Later, at Water Tower Place, they find Sneak still handcuffed where they left him, but at his wit’s end, having been terrorized by Elaine to keep him from getting out of control. Exhausted, they sleep and work on what steps to take next.

Session 32
“We have the secrets.”

The cell regroups after Levi and Kelly return with some teeth purchased from the Field Museum. Elaine aids in the acquisition of a stolen diary down in Englewood. The cell leaves Sneak hand-cuffed in Rhydian’s Water Tower Place Apartment, for his own good, before heading back to their old haunt of Uptown. In Uptown, they enter the disused Uptown Theater and treat with the strange children there. Upon leaving the theater, Kelly departs from the group.

Session 31
“We’re all in all the danger all the time. That’s how we roll.”

Rhydian has an awkward conversation at Water Tower Place in the Shadowlands with Ariadne. Michael visits Levi and Kelly at Levi’s apartment. Later, the cell discusses what’s to be done about Michael, and the tablets, and ‘Sneak’. They offer Michael help, but he backs away from it and departs with angry tears. Kelly slips an artifact on Michael before he leaves that allows Levi to determine, using clairvoyance, that Michael has gone to the Spertus Institute.

Session 30
“It will probably just do more harm than good.”

May, Rhydian, and Carretero meet at O’Hare. Carretero enables the others to pose as FBI, and then determines the whereabouts of the tablets after speaking with security. Before they can precisely locate the tablets, they encounter Michael well ahead of them, with his hands nearly on the package. Soon after, they are all of them set upon by Ishizuka and two of his henchmen. Michael, Carretero, May, and Rhydian working together, along with Elaine and Ariadne in the Shadowlands dispatch the vampire and his goons. They flee, tablets in hand, and hold up in a hotel not far to the west. In the morning, Carretero is gone.

Session 29
“I should’ve been better prepared.”

May and Rhydian take Dr. Nthinda with them on a return trip to the area of Congress Parkway where once they emerged with Michael badly injured, all of them lugging the frozen mess of _HA-3 to burn in the sun. Rhydian walks the Shadowlands while Nthinda uses her will upon local rats to hunt down a vampire or their ghoul ilk. Rhydian meets a lonely, far-gone wraith named Stanislaw who confirms that what he calls ‘monsters’ or spectres of some kind had indeed used the word ‘ tablet’ while talking on the phone. Nthinda is able to lead them to a room in a locked tunnel, down amid the Blue line subway tracks. The three venture there and are accosted by ‘Spank’ after some waiting. They speak to Spank’s boss who tells them what they are looking for is at the airport, confirming a lead Carretero has.

Session 28
“You left her there with that woman?”

Session 27
“Sorry, I hate to bring bad news.”

Levi, Kelly, May, and Rhydian meet at Levi’s apartment to pour over everything they know about ‘the case’. They review notes, books, weigh facts, and conjecture in addition to sharing and explaining things with each other to ensure each cell member is on the same page. This takes up the late morning and early afternoon; when they are done, they have more established priorities. Later, they invite Dr. Nthinda over to ask for her help in recovering the lost tablets taken by Zachary. During her visit, the local news is seen to announce the appearance of a woman with amnesia who is the spitting image of the deceased Adrienne Kazan. Kelly resolves to help her immediately; both Rhydian and May criticize the decision, though Levi goes with him.

Session 26
“Can you put the m-mask back on please?”

Session 25
“And there’s a lot of blood?”


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