Dr. Emma Nthinda

Hematologist and Yoruba Spiritualist

POW STR: ●●○○○ INT: ●●●●○ PRE: ●●○○○
FIN DEX: ●●○○○ WIT: ●●●○○ MAN: ●○○○○
RES STA: ●●●●○ RSV: ●○○○○ CMP: ●●●○○

Dr. Emma Nthinda is a few inches taller than average height for a woman her age (mid 30s). She is broad shouldered and her head is a trifle too big for her neck. She has good posture, but an unassuming mien. Her face often carries a curious mix of severity and kindness, a trait enchanced by her thick accent. She has a slow-paced and assertive way of speaking. Her sense of style favors whites, cremes, and beige—she’s rarely without a headwrap or head-covering of some kind. Her jewelry is typically matte, dark in color and comprised primarily of organic materials (wood, hemp, horn, amber).


Life ●●●○○
Prime ●●○○○
Mind ●○○○○
Spirit ●○○○○

MY: African-German-something doctor who is a friend of Garrison’s (but I think the good guy parts of Garrison) who has been helping us
LA: And we trust her.
MY: She has healed May, diagnosed her, volunteered to come with us when we kill HA-1 so she can save May’s life, and cured Kelly
LA: And I told her about the binder.
MY: And given Levi some unwanted free therapy.
MY: I trust her, but May will be clear she is also sure Nthinda isn’t telling us everything about why she’s helping
MY: May just doesn’t care, because she’s given us no reason not to trust her.
KS: she also has some very useful abilities
MY: Indeed.
MY: She has told May she has the ability to poison vampires.
MY: Something she was researching was used by Garrison for whatever project he was working on, though she wasn’t aware she was helping him, and she was shocked to learn that Joreaux was an evil genius
MY: She met him once, and he was a sweet old man.

Dr. Emma Nthinda

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