Elaine Ma

The pale wraith of Garrison Mandel's wife. She longs for her Husband and Son.

POW STR: ●●●○○ INT: ●●○○○ PRE: ●●●○○
FIN DEX: ●●●●○ WIT: ●●○○○ MAN: ●●○○○
RES STA: ●●●○○ RSV: ●●○○○ CMP: ●○○○○

Embody ●●○○○

  • Ghostly Touch – tiny whisper or touch to skinlands
  • Maintain Form
  • “Whispers”, speak across the Shroud
  • “Phantom”, vaguely manifest—affects Mortals with Fog/Delirium/etc.

Inhabit ●●●●○

  • Sense Gremlin – sense wraiths in machines
  • Shellride – possess machines
  • “Surge”, cause a fault or short
  • “Ride the Electron Highway”, passage through wires, etc.
  • “Gremlinize”, crude machine possession
  • “Claim”, refined machine possession

Keening ●●●○○

  • Perfect Pitch – sense wraiths using Keening
  • Sotto Voce – hide use of keening
  • “Dirge”, darker emotions
  • “Ballad”, higher emotions
  • “Muse”, inspire

Outrage ●●●●○

  • Leap of Rage – perform a high jump
  • “Ping”, small manipulation
  • “Wraithgrasp”, lifting objects
  • “Stonehand punch”, STR+Outrage
  • “Death’s Touch”, refined manipulation

Puppetry ●●●○○

  • Detect Possession – detect skinriding
  • “Skinride”
  • “Sudden Movement”, STR+Puppetry vs. Willpower
  • “Master’s Voice”, INT+Puppetry vs. Willpower

ELAINE is a wraith, stuck in the Shadowlands, which means Rhydian and May can see her (Rhydian can also hear her because of his condition, and May can as well because, well, she’s basically the greatest fetter EVER). She has taken some attachment to May and is around a lot more often now. She is Garrison’s wife, and was killed under some circumstances that no one knows, though it probably relates to his work with the vampires. May was created as a replacement for her that only sort of worked. She’s a resource for more information, certainly. May’s happy to ask her about anything you guys want to know.
MY: She has some abilities that have been seen and some that haven’t. She moved the elevator last session, she set fire to the gurney at the Edison building
MY: She hid May from the vampire
MY: Sometimes she turns into Bad Elaine and is scary looking.

I didn’t know ghosts could change their hairstyle (well, they shitting can; maybe she got Moliated or something).

WHATever she just jealous of my style

Elaine Ma

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