_Jean-Michel Joreaux

An elderly French occult scholar who worked for the Vichy Regime during the second World War. He was fatally slashed in the throat by May's claws in the derelict Ukrainian Village power station.


Joreaux is of average height and is as skinny and frail looking as one expects a man to be when he is over 90, as Joreaux must be. With that said, Joreaux can walk and even gallop around with all the vitality of someone half his age, though the man does carry a cane (a gift from Göring, he admits). The man also has keen senses for someone of his years. Like the cane, he affects other, mostly bygone clothing choices such as wearing hats with his three-piece suits, ascots, and at times a leather valise or briefcase.

Jean-Michel Joreaux has cold, penetrating blue eyes and skin like curdled milk that’s nearly as white as his hair.

POW STR: ●○○○○ INT: ●●●●○ PRE: ●●●○○
FIN DEX: ●●○○○ WIT: ●●●●○ MAN: ●●●●●
RES STA: ●●●○○ RSV: ●●●○○ CMP: ●●●○○

DEF 2 (3 or 6 armor)

ESSENCE: Questing
TRADITION: Order of Hermes (Nephandus)

Correspondence ●●●○○
Forces ●●●●●
Mind ●●●○○
Prime ●○○○○
Spirit ●●●○○

ARETE: ●●●●●
WILLPOWER: ●●●●● ●●

Dynamic ●●●○○
Entropic ●●●●○
Statis ●○○○○
Jhor ●●○○○


Our best guess for The Experiment:
Joreaux was meant to be finding a way to reanimate vampires, but instead used the process to create a wormhole between the real world and Oblivion. Goal: the end of Ghostbusters.

There are people coming from Italy for this Fermilab thing on Nov 1st. They want to use Fermilab’s equipment for some kind of soul transfer. But Joreaux would prefer to do something else.

Gretchen-Garrison was meant to be proof of concept that he could transfer a person’s soul into a vampire and – from what Elaine was saying is the rumor with the other wraiths – bring the vampire back to life, which is what the Italy people want. Joreaux was like “awesome, I will do this project, except instead of doing that I am going to Ghostbusters you, world”

Also, there’s an army of ghosts gathering at Fermilab in the Shadowlands.

May thinks we may have triggered the shit that went down at the Edison building by interrupting the experiment, by tossing the Harmonica around. It could very easily be what Joreaux was planning to do later on. Had we done nothing, the assumption is that Garrison’s soul would have been removed and Gretchen would come back to life.

The running theme of a bunch of the books is this same kind of resurrection. Poliphilio and such. So the Official Business of Team Italy is to bring vampires back to life, and Joreaux’s Alternate Plan is to use that process to end the world, basically

He’s different than anything else that was mind readable. It fucked Kelly up severely. He thought he was an avatar / embodiment of chaos, May thought it was indicative of how powerful and how psychotically evil he was.

It’s worth mentioning, officially, that dude went down way too easy and nobody believes he’s dead, or has ascended in some way, or that he wanted to die. Rhydian has suggested he could check on him, but May is not willing to explore that possibility. We have no reason to believe he’s any less dangerous in the shadowlands. She’d be vehement. We’re not doing that if we have any other options.

_Jean-Michel Joreaux

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