_Lt. Dermot Lehander (Ret.)

Retired Army Ranger, CQC Expert, 'Union' Member


Dermot was laid to rest by the cell after his hideous fate was discovered in the tunnels under the Chicago loop.


A west point grad, he’s a recently retired Army Ranger who has been to Iraq, Afghanistan, and other undisclosed countries since 2003. Most of his career involves things he can’t speak about. He specializes in Boxing, Muay Thai and Kuntao Silat and was an assistant teacher of these disciplines for a time in Ranger school. He operates a gym on Devon avenue.

He experienced things while serving in the mid-east that go above and beyond the normal PTSD of conventional combat; he’s willing to open up in hints and whispers about what he saw to people he thinks will believe him. When talking with other Hunters, he’s typically conflicted over his duty to remain silent with classified info versus the tug of sharing in something so essential as recognizing and acknowledging the important, universal truths that motivate Hunters.

_Lt. Dermot Lehander (Ret.)

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