Merrill Whittaker

The (well-compensated) "office mom" of RM LLC, and Rhydian's occasionally put-upon personal assistant

POW STR: ●●○○○ INT: ●●●○○ PRE: ●●●○○
FIN DEX: ●●○○○ WIT: ●●●○○ MAN: ●●○○○
RES STA: ●●●○○ RSV: ●●●●○ CMP: ●●●○○

No stranger to Rhydian's more eccentric requests, Merrill is the long-suffering personal assistant on the other end of Rhydian's cell. She's been carefully sheltered from the less mundane aspects of Rhydian's occasional hobbies, but more than one request has raised an eyebrow (or two!) in the past. Nevertheless, she was warned about Rhydian's managerial "style" when she was hired (as she is occasionally reminded)... and is paid accordingly.

Primary responsibilities include:
-Supervised management of operating and investment accounts in a structured trading environment
-Ability to anticipate needs and maintain the highest level of confidentiality is required
-Willingness to perform occasional work-related duties outside of normal work hours
-Must be capable of lifting fifty (50) pounds completely overhead
-Paralegal experience is a plus
-Plus-plus fashion sense desirable
-Ivy-league graduate preferred (University of Chicago, Northwestern and other top schools considered)

Term: contract-to-hire
Compensation: Market, by experience


Merrill Whittaker

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