_Zachary Rush, Scourge


The center-point or lodestone of Hunter sub-culture in Chicago is a 6’4", scar-faced man named Zachary who is the better part of 300 lbs. He is the reason members of Network Zero, the Union, and the Ashwood Abbey have any contact with each other. Information, weapon, and other kinds of sharing tends to go through him. His reputation is legendary for both being incredibly ‘lucky’ at having paranormal encounters on a seemingly too-frequent basis and for coming out of them ahead. He is known to have strong ties to the underworld including the mafia and underground boxing outfits. Evidence, capture, and information for all things supernatural is ‘intended’ to end up in Zachary’s hands—what he does with it, no one knows. He doesn’t like people blabbing, either. He is able to exert such command over the ‘compacts’ because of sincere threats made against the disobedient and their families. Naturally, various cells keep plenty to themselves, but if something catches his notice, Zachary is all over it. He is suspected of having ordered a hit on at least one Hunter in the past 10 years (though Zachary claims that person simply retired out west).


Zachary was a dick, and was kind of at the center of all the hunter-information-stuff in Chicago, and was a ghoul for Ishizuka. Centered out of O’Hare. He killed Rhydian’s employees, and we still don’t know why.

He caught on fire while he was attacking Rhydian. We have no idea what that was about. He said something, and then seemed unhappy with the outcome. And was on fire.

No connection between Zachary and anyone on this Fermilab project, that we know of.

Zachary’s Phone:
- Jargon/New Vocab mentioned contextually here and there: ‘sabbat’/’Sabbat’, ‘caitiff’
- Zachary called ‘Home’ every Friday night at Midnight on the nose.
- Longtime Frequent Contacts: Home, Palmer, Soldier, Shedd, Field, Ben, O’Hare 1
- Recent Contacts: Kyle Simonson, Maris, BLACKMEAT, Lou Slaughter
- Recent Pictures: some of the ‘staked vampire that was just killed’, and of the ’2nd Harmonica’ found in the van. There are docu-style pics of his walk through Brach’s, and the Edgewater Medical Center (he was there after the cell), and even some of the exterior of the Everleigh Club house in Lake Geneva. His phone had browser bookmarks to news articles about the lost/stolen art uncovered after the events at that Lake Geneva house (some of the art looked, if you recall, like Adrienne).

_Zachary Rush, Scourge

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