Log of earned PXP




FIRST ENCOUNTER: The old candy factory

+4: Hunters involved
+1: for the display of new supernatural powers by the monster(s), namely whatever Joreaux was doing teleportation-barrier-shooting Michael-wise and when he vanished, and the incredible melting vampire.
+1: drove Joreaux off
+2: using a creative new strategy with success, like setting a vampire on fire
+3: killed his ass
-1: friendly fire (actual fire)
-1: putting May in direct danger
+4: Learning (I’m giving approximate learning rewards based on prior learning curve responses; we’re not rehashing this again)

Subtotal: 13

SECOND ENCOUNTER: Basement rusalki splashfest

+5: Hunters involved.
+1: One exceptional success.
+1: new supernatural powers, Rusalki attacked with burning water.
+2: salt + water creature = worthwhile new idea!
+3: for killing them.
-1: Michael gets the weepies.
-4: Four minds infiltrated.
+2: Learning (I’m giving approximate learning rewards based on prior learning curve responses; we’re not rehashing this again)

Subtotal: 9

FIRST PURCHASE: “Hey, ugly!”

-6 May: Expression 2
-1 Michael: Stealth 1
-1 Rhydian: Stealth 1
-14 all: Tactic Disappear

Subtotal: -22

THIRD ENCOUNTER: Edgewater Medi.. “Oh god, May, what have you done to that thing’s neck!”

+5 Hunters
+1 New powers shown; ghosts are lying tricksy liars that mimic voices and create illusions and disrupt mobile phones
+3 Destroyed three [CENSORED]
+3 Destroyed a Vampire
-1 Friendly fire errr cold (against May again!)
-2 Victims of mind-influencing powers

Subtotal: 9

FOURTH ENCOUNTER: “Nice to meet you, sir – er, ma’a— er. Zilya.”

+5 Hunters involved.
+1 No ‘new’ ability actually displayed, but its Auspex was used boldly and blatantly for all to experience first hand.

Subtotal: 6

FIFTH ENCOUNTER: HA-3, Jeremiah, and the three [censored]

+5 Hunters involved
+2 Exceptional Successes (Levi’s Spot Check, May rescues the Keris)
+1 Dramatic Failure (Kelly stooges with the Keris in the basement of Macy’s)
+1 New power displayed, Level 5 [censored] (some vampires are made of blood? or something?)
+1 New power displayed, Level 5 [censored] (some telepathic vampires can possess people)
+3 Destroyed [censored] (Dermot and company)
+2 Immobilized HA-3
+3 Destroyed HA-3
-2 Bystander killed (dead hobo)
-1 Friendly Fire (Michael shot in the leg)
-2 Dermot killed (don’t cite the book on me here, this is Storyteller Discretion)
-1 Michael succumbs/ed to the Beast

Subtotal : 12

SECOND PURCHASE: In which we learn to FEELINGS.

-3 May: Empathy 1
-6 Rhydian: Empathy 2
-10 all: Tactic Moral Support learned

Subtotal: -19

BACKLOG: Learnin’ XP

+12: Learning

Subtotal: 12

SIXTH ENCOUNTER: That lying, conniving bitch.

+3 Hunters involved
+1 New power displayed (she’s heavenly)
+3 Bonus (I forgot the ’Hunter’s involved’ amount for the talk with Zachary.)

Subtotal: 7

SEVENTH ENCOUNTER: Unidentified Spectral Entity and Murmur

+4 Hunters involved
+2 Moral Support successfully employed first time ‘in the field’
+1 Drove off the Spectral Entity
+1 New power displayed (Awe)
+1 New power displayed (Dread Gaze)
+1 New power displayed (Hellfire)
+1 New power displayed (Radiance of Helios)
+3 Murmur meets Final Death
+2 Exceptional successes (Rhydian shooting Murmur, Levi stabbing her)
-1 More than a dozen bystanders harmed (physical and emotional trauma)
-2 Three bystanders killed
-1 Levi runs like a coward
-1 Rhydian compelled by Awe
-1 Rhydian fires with risk to May
+4 Learning Curve

Subtotal: 14


-3 May
-4 Rhydian
-7 Levi
-7 Kelly

Subtotal: -21

EIGHTH ENCOUTNER: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

+4 Hunters involved
+4 Dramatic Successes (Rhydian’s shot against Garrison, Levi’s shot against Labrys, May’s kiss and May’s punch for Garrison)
+2 Creative new approach: May distracted Garrison with her wiles.
+1 Garrison/Warlocks could/can destroy matter with only mental effort
+1 Labrys has a snakeskinsuit husk … or something
+1 Garrison can do some kind of magic ‘lecticity that makes portals, maybe?
+1 Drove Labrys ’off’ (spoiler: she’s not dead)
+1 Definitively drove off Garrison (outright proof of his death would be needed for more PXP on this front)
+4 Learning Curve

Subtotal: 19


+4: Hunters involved
+1: Drama! Dice! Rhydian vs. Gretchen: 7 successes
+5: “New powers displayed” (not really counting the ways here, just a big bonus for the total fuckery of the whole situation.)
+2: Drove Gutter off (Gretchen killed it, but you did 90% of the work)
+1: Drove Gretchen off
+2: Rhydian sniping; new approach
+4: Killed Joreaux; w/ ‘main bad guy’ bonus.
-1: Killed Hitomi (she counts as a bystander in my book, but this one is tricky so it’s not a full -2)
-1: Group working against itself (May distressed over Garrison, Harmonica, etc.)
-1: May suffers fear against Gutter
-2: Forced to flee

Subtotal: 14


-13 May
-13 Rhydian
-13 Levi
-13 Kelly

Subtotal: -52


+2 Hunters Involved
+2 Extraordinary Successes
+3 Zachary killed
+2 Learning Curve

Subtotal: 9


+4 Hunters Involved
+1 Exceptional Success
+1 New Power
+1 Saved Merrill
+1 drove “Mike” off
+4 Learning Curve

Subtotal: 12


+3 Hunters Involved (May, Rhydian, Carretero)
+4 Exceptional Successes (every time Ishizuka got attacked, basically)
+1 New abilities shown (Ghost shit)
+1 if the cell saved the life of at least one person
+1 Drove the [Redacted] off
+3 killing Ishizuka
+2 Automatic Learning curve

Subtotal: 15

FOURTH PURCHASE: Smack “Snap out of it!” Smack

-10 Deprogramming Tactic
-6 Levi’s Persuasion to 2
-9 May’s Empathy to 3

Subtotal: -25

Log of earned PXP

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