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To Do List:


  • symbol of a square and triangle inscribed in a circle.
  • dhampir
  • priest Maeloc
  • Q: can Kelly withdraw from the Magnolia bank?
  • to stop Nov 1: the thing that slumbers in the deep earth, the Necromancer, the woman in the Labyrinth.
  • to get the Murmuring Blade: Zilya has, Ariadne can find, dawn-time
  • the books: one which returns the dead to your living world, one which breathes life into dead flesh. “your terror will only worsen if they lack all three.” No info on tablets.
  • small, brown semiplume feather
  • Philippe Stuart data from hackers
  • Joreaux dossier from hackers
  • Zachary data from hackers, Zachary data from Carretero


  • weapons training for Levi
  • OOG: make contact with Quentin’s new character
  • Levi to reconnect with cop buddy
  • back to Batavia, look for Fermilab contacts/information at the house. Consider arson.
  • go to the sewers, deal with Jeremiah
  • investigate location in Hyde Park where Sneak was bound
  • ruin Fermilab
  • HA-4
  • HA-1
  • deprogram Sneak


  • Phone: Catherine Petruzzi, David Yang, Maris Carlisle, Gretchen, Ed Burke
  • Etch-a-Sketch: Demiana
  • Shadowlands: Garrison, Dermot, and Moses
  • Thought: review all casework with Carretero and Nthinda, get their insight?

Chicago in the World of Darkness:

Principle Non-Player Characters:

  • Ariadne, a.k.a. Adrienne Kazan
  • Elaine Ma, the Wraith of Mandel’s wife
  • Garrison Mandel
  • Zachary
  • Zilya, a genderless vampire
  • Jean-Michel Joreaux
  • Labrys
  • HA-Alpha: In the Carter Harrison Intake Water Crib.
  • HA-2: Edgewater Medical Center. Deceased
  • HA-3: Chicago Tunnel Company. The Bag Man. Deceased. Produced the Dongle.
  • HA-4: Garfield Park Conservatory.
  • HA-5: Brach’s Candy Factory. Deceased.
  • HA-6: Blank screen. Text reads “Subject Unspecified. Locus Input Pending.”
  • HA-Omega: This is Demiana, The Aspirant
  • The Magnolia Gang: Vasha, Tania, and Elzbieta

Non-principle characters to investigate

  • Catherine Petruzzi. David Yang and Maris Carlisle – mentioned by Rob at Fermilab as inside sources for Yuri
  • Philippe Stuart – official steward of Michael’s property and person
  • Suzanne Unger – Adrienne’s best friend, involved in the ESP party plot

Known Factions

  • The Project: A joint project of many people, including Garrison, Joreaux, Zilya, and others, possibly Murmur and Demiana. A project that involved performing experiments on vampires in multiple locations; currently, we guess that the aim of the Project is to bring a vampire back from the dead. Further details on our theories in Joreaux’s entry.
  • “Ashwood Abbey”, aka. The Everleigh Social Club: A bunch of dilettantes and socialites, some of whom liked gathering together to play with Oiuja boards (Arthur, Kaspar, and Adrienne) and some of whom liked throwing parties to sacrifice their friends to Murmur (James, Danielle, and Suzanne).
  • The Union: Zachary, Ishizuka, Dermot.
  • Network Zero: Sneak_LP, STOYAlove, ArmedBANDIT99, BLACKMEAT
  • Labrys: A global organization of hunters, led by Labrys and formerly employing both Rhydian and Michael. Seems to have an interest in procuring the King in Yellow and a connection to the labyrinth in Adrienne’s house.
  • Others: People of unknown affiliation, including Jeremiah of the sewers, Mike/Moth of the RPG, and Tremere (mentioned in passing by Zilya; original owner(s) of many of the books that Zilya had that we acquired at its house).

Pieces of Evidence or Things Needing Definitions

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